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Monday, 30 November 2015

THE DOOM LOOMS by Barr. Samuel Sunday

The NATO'S bellicose aggression in it's inordinate ambition to completely subjugate a potentially deadly match in military power and prowess is very unfortunate. Just like the mythical phoenix, the obvious resurgence of a Soviet power from the ashes via a revitalising Russia; the remnant nucleus of the USSR which the West obviously considered fragmented and militarily impotent is NATO'S dire dread. Russia is now their bogeyman. Edward Snowden has made many to figure it all out.

However I caution my mind to be both neutral and objective, it still convinces me that the U.S-led NATO is veritably striving for stern strife with Russia; probing with zest, all available belligerent opportunities to achieve it. Their hyped support for the rebellion against democracy in Ukraine, and for the Arab Spring; and trumped-up embellishment of anti-Russia rhetorics, support for the insidiously heinous monarchy of Saudi Arabia: up to the obnoxious height of not only being a member of the United Nations Council on
Human Rights but consecutively chairing same while leading human rights abuses globally. The U.S preaches democracy. It's an open secret that Tayyip Erdogan(the Turkish president's) family are the middlemen in Islamic State's clandestine oil sales yet gains NATO'S backing. The U.S lulled Europe to join it in very unfair and unreasonable chains of economic and military sanctions against Russia. 
France joined and breached its long-standing contract to construct naval vessels for Russia and hastily sold same to Egypt: their revived ally that mocks and taunts democracy and human rights. After the latest Paris terrorist attacks, French president, Hollande was in Moscow for military cooperation. Here, my Obolo people would say: 
Following massive accusations that Russia aided and abetted the downing of flight MH17 over the rebel-held part of Ukraine, some conspiracy theory floats around that Egypt is an accomplice in compromising airport security in the downing of Russian airliner in Egypt in retaliation and the Egyptian president made a spurious, hasty trip to meet with the British Prime Minister, J. Cameron.

Again, Turkey shot down a Russian warplane in Syria with very lame and skewed excuses yet defied all entreaties for diplomacy with Russia. Rather it rushed to its belligerent bastion: NATO to convene an emergency meeting over the incident while the U.S president talked tough in Turkey's support. I now understand: according to a maxim of Equity, "QUI FACIT PER ALIUM, FACIT PER SE". Again, here, my people would say BECAUSE I SAW ONLY THE HEAD, I THOUGHT IT WAS A LIZARD, NOW I KNOW, IT'S A SNAKE.
Generally, Russia is not a "Knight of Saint Putin" but the recent troubling ugly developments in the global war against terrorism present Putin's Russia as the hero and to the corollary, U.S-led NATO as the villain. Popular global support and solidarity is in Putin's favour. He seems to be more taciturn, visionary, objective, empirical and pragmatic. He always gets the better results at the long-run. Little wonder he's been successively rated world's most powerful man.

What looms now is a possible face-saving showdown with Russia and allies by NATO. The whirl may be so torrential that the entire nations of the world would be whisked into its vortex: WWIII !
Back here in Nigeria, the early ripples could be felt by those with powerful-sensor minds to pick the signals. Nigeria, with her abundant human and material resources is being coveted as ally on both axes. As Patrice Lumumba of Congo-Kinshasa suffered both in life and death from the Western forces for leaning more towards the USSR, very surreptitious and inchoate diplomatic friction exists between Russia and the U.S over Nigeria. It was obvious during President Jonathan's quest to have Russia's cooperation in battling Boko Haram. Again, as the West sanctioned Russia and introduced subtle policies to steadily keep global oil prices down so as to help bite Russia economically, Russia's ongoing huge energy investment in Nigeria: OCAN ENERGY, will certainly pique the U.S.

The West's attitude of being slavishly trawled by the U.S to wilfully ravage other sovereign states with impunity has made many; even within the bowels of the U.S itself to be disgusted. Being powerful should not translate to being bullysome. The States' security and might will be compromised. I sincerely wish it shouldn't...

By Barr. Samuel Sunday.

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